Hi there!

I’m Chanel - the owner of Amelia Lane Paper and the creator of the Amelia Lane Life Designer. I live in Sydney, Australia and from my studio I design beautiful paper goods for women who want to take control of their lives and get organised.

We all find it hard to stay on top of every area in our life - when things are going well with work, our fitness routine tends to suffer. Or we may be enjoying a full social schedule but we haven’t had enough sleep for weeks and we’ve well and truly fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon! Solving this push/pull on our time led me to create the Amelia Lane Life Designer - the ultimate planner for mindful living. We define mindful living as taking control of your time so that you’re spending it wisely. Staying on top of work, family, relationships, finances, health and fitness and long term goals. Feeling like you’ve made the most of the time you’ve got and given yourself space to make time for what’s important. Essentially, to stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and stretched in every direction!

At the heart of Amelia Lane Paper is the desire to live the life you want. To not be dictated to by our schedules but to craft them so that there’s space to go after those life goals, whether that be making time for a family lunch every weekend or building an empire. And perhaps most importantly, space to enjoy the simple pleasures of every day!

I truly hope my products empower and inspire you to take control of your time and get organised - no matter which season of life you’re in.

Chanel xo

Interested in stocking our products? Please send us an introduction email to wholesale@amelialanepaper.com.au

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