About the Life Designer


The Amelia Lane Life Designer is a beautiful, practical planner which helps women maintain organised, productive and balanced lives. Every Amelia Lane Life Designer has a ‘whole of life’ concept - helping organise your big picture goals, health and finances, as well as your schedule and to-do lists. We want to help you gain control of your time so you can leave space in your schedule for what’s important.

All of our Life Designers have the following features:

  • Yearly Planners
  • Special Dates for Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the UK
  • Vision Board
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Tabs
  • Monthly Quotes
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Monthly Goals
  • Monthly Habits
  • Monthly Budget
  • Bucket List
  • Accounts, Passwords and Logins list
  • Gift-Buying List
  • Books to Read / Movies to Watch
  • Notes (lined) and Ideas (blank) pages
  • Meal and Exercise Planning (format differs between styles - see below)

All of our Life Designers come with a pocket, two sticker sheets, a black cotton protective bag and are beautifully gift boxed. Our book bound styles all have three ribbon page dividers.

We have four layout options for our Life Designers: two Daily layouts and two Weekly layouts. Our Daily layouts are one day to a page (including separate pages for Saturday and Sunday as we know they can be busy days also!) whereas our Weekly layouts have a week over a two-page spread.

The main differences are in the size and the layout - week to an opening or day to a page.

Both our Daily Life Designers have: top 3 priorities section, 6am-10pm schedule, a long to-do list, health section for breakfast, lunch, dinner and exercise tracking and a notes section. There are separate pages for Saturday and Sunday.

Both our Weekly Life Designers have: a weekly goal and weekly to-do list, top 3 priorities area, box for evening plans / meal plans / important things to remember and to-do list with equal space given to Saturday and Sunday.

Daily Styles

Our Desktop Daily layout is our biggest and heaviest planner and is perfect for keeping on your desk at home or kitchen bench. It is book bound, approximately 1.2 kg, nearly A4 in size and a big, beautiful beast of a planner with all the space you could possibly need! The Health section is built into the daily page layout with space for meal and exercise tracking. It covers 12 months: January - December.

Our Compact Daily layout is identical to our Desktop Daily but is much more portable in size as it is A5. It is also a six month planner covering January-June or July-December. This means you can carry it with you everywhere and start fresh half way through the year! It can be bought as single 6 month editions or as a twin pack to cover the whole year. It also has a special "Monthly Calendars" section in the back with 6 monthly calendar spreads for the following months so you can plan ahead. As with the Desktop Daily, the Health section is built into the daily page layout.

Weekly Styles

Our Signature Weekly is our original Life Designer and the only style which is spiral-bound and has an elastic band closure. The page size is similar to A5 however it is bigger overall due to the bright gold spiral. In addition to the weekly spread from January-December and standard features, it is unique in having a completely separate Health section at the back with weekly meal and exercise planners.

Our Compact Weekly is our smallest and lightest Life Designer - A5 in size and a great size for your handbag (it is the same size as the Compact Daily which is 6 months)! It is book bound, a week over two pages from January-December and has a monthly meal and exercise planner which is good for a top level overview of your Health.

You can try each of our page layouts using a free sample page - simply download and print it (make sure you select 'actual size' so you can see it accurately!):

Download Compact Daily page

Download Compact Weekly page

Download Signature Weekly page

Download Desktop Daily page

You can also see more videos with detailed flick throughs of each style on our youtube channel here.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at support@amelialanepaper.com.au - we'd love to chat to you! xo 



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